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Since 1929 we have been one of the leading restorers of fixed seating throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

We are fixed seating experts and can help you with design, specification and code compliance issues.

Our experienced crew can handle any installation challenge.

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NJ State Museum Auditorium

Essex County College

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Lecture Halls

Rutgers University

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Princeton University

Jones Hall

Restored Fixed Seating. . . . Better Than New:

New for 2009! We will come to your facility, pick up a chair, restore it, and return it to you FREE of charge.
See the benefits of restored seating first hand.
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Maintains the historical architectural characteristics originally designed into your facility.
A green alternative to new chairs. Restoring chairs saves resources, preserves landfill space and can earn LEED certification points for recycling of building materials.
Restoration is less expensive than new chairs. Restored seating provides quality and lasts longer than most new seating.
Older seating was often built with a higher quality materials and craftsmanship than today's seating.
New seating usually requires costly architectural drawings.
New seating can trigger code upgrades than can REDUCE the seating capacity of your hall. Plus isle width and lighting changes can add significant costs to your projects.
Realize substantial costs savings if can re-use the existing floor anchors.
Purchasing of new seating requires existing chair removal and disposal which can add cost to your project.
Restored chairs combine the old tough time proven frame of older seats with state of the art modern powder coating paints, lacquers, molded foam and innovative fabrics to produce a chair that will last longer and perform better than new chairs.
New molded foam, covered with improved upholstery materials, provide added years of durability, soil resistance and easier cleanup features.
And here's the best part: If you're currently thinking about replacing or restoring your existing seating, give us a call. We'll Remove, Restore and Return to you a completed chair for your evaluation
Absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE!

Let Us Restore A Sample Seat For You For Free.
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